AeroSense And Sony (Non)Sense

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0705_DONAU-5Sony is in the drone business. No, Sony is not going to make a deal with the military. No, Sony Pictures is not going to make a movie about drones. Yes, Sony will provide you a corporate oriented full-scale drone service. Does it make any sense to you?

Well, for Sony this is supposed to be a win-win with the drone veteran in this field called the AeroSense. Now, all what is left for these two (un)usual business partners is to find corporations, which will be interested in some aerial videos brought by drones.

Maybe, this is something Sony has to take care of. Finding the corporate clients, who share the same drone enthusiasm. We have nothing against Sony’s drone adventure. We just have a couple of concerns here and there that this major IT league player is a little bit too big for this small aircrafts game.

We do…

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