Five Ways to Increase Innovation

Innovative Education Solutions

Photo by Celestine Chua Photo by Celestine Chua

“Research shows 52 percent of employees are frustrated at work because leaders don’t support their ideas or empower their creativity.”  This statement was in the beginning of an article written by Michelle Smith.  I know that I have been in that 52% in the past, as I’m sure many of you have been.  The article was more about generating and growing ideas in the workplace.  Most of it, however, translated (in my mind, at least) into educator professional development, and into their classrooms.  How can we foster innovation in ourselves and our students?

  1. Own your fears, so they can’t own your classroom. Change is inevitable in the world of education, but never so much so as in the last few years.  It has left teachers overwhelmed, underfunded (nothing new there), and a bit fearful.  They are expected to raise standardized test scores, integrate technology, adapt curriculum…

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