It’s Nature

Amitav Chowdhury

By now, we have realized that without Nature we would not survive. All the species on this planet lives off Nature. It is the resources of Nature we spend. We want rapid development and make our life comfortable.

From small settlements, we are now looking at rapid urbanization. Stretches of lands are being cleared away for more modern towns and cities. If that is not enough, we are building smart cities, digitally connected cities, and our continuing urge to modernize.

In our relentless search for more prosperity, we helplessly claim everything from nature- over-fishing in seas, deforestation, mining, and animal species on the verge of extinction. The balance of Nature is jeopardized.

Due to the rise in global temperature (contributing factors are pollution, burning fossil fuels, using hazardous chemicals and contaminating the soil and groundwater with tons of garbage) many new strains of bacteria are thriving and adapting to the…

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