What is sustainable fashion?


A more globalised world has changed the face of fashion. New trends and fashion can be mass produced and sold to consumers at lightening speed for the lowest possible cost. Outsourcing factories to poorer countries has driven the price of clothing down to a minimum (even when the cost of transporting across vast oceans is factored in). The product of fast fashion was a throwaway culture. People are now culturally conditioned to buy an item of clothing, wear it a few times and then throw it out as a new season, with tantalising new trends, comes in.

‘Sustainable’ fashion- a relatively new concept in comparison to ‘globalised’ or ‘fast’ fashion. Animal welfare, labour conditions, carbon footprint, how long a garment lasts, recycling and material choice are all elements of sustainable fashion, but the list goes on. To different companies and brands, sustainable fashion means different things, leaving consumers confused, uninspired…

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