Living in the 70’s (the 2070’s that is)

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WHAT will life in the home be like in 2070? 

Very different to the life we lead today, that’s for sure.LivingInThe70s

In 50+ years so much will change, especially when you consider what has changed over the past 20 years. Some things will be unrecognisable from today’s behaviour. Other behaviours will be long gone as technology takes over…such as manually turning on/off lights as sensors take over this mundane task.

To approach this futurecasting exercise, I have selected a range of technologies that are just starting to appear, or have established themselves in recent years, so as to anchor my predictions on present day indicators. In this way I hope to present a more realistic – rather than idealistic – vision of the future.

I have selected the following trends I consider will fundamentally change how we live (of course there’ll many more, I have just focussed on some that will impact home life).

/1/ Smartphone apps  /2/ Robots  /3/ ‘Internet of Things’ & wearables

/4/ 3D printing…

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