Unsustainable Beauty: Ugly Truths of Working in Fashion

The Clotho Girls

Having been chided by Caroline for spending too much time on frivolous Tinder and not enough time on solid sustainability, I have decided to tackle a more meaty subject this time in the weekly blogpost – how even the nice Clotho girls have been affected by ugly truths in fashion.


As young women, we all hate ourselves – on a sliding scale of course, which changes on a daily basis and varies from girl to girl. Factors such as whether you woke up this morning with an extra zit on your forehead, if the waistband of your jeans feels a fraction tighter because you ate a dirty burrito last night and it’s clearly gone straight to your hips, or if someone at the supermarket called you ‘ma’am’ and you feel kind of old right now, can heavily influence your self-esteem for the rest of the day. It’s crazy, but shut up yeah, it’s…

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