R.I.P. Adam Purple

Adam Purple, legendary gardener, 84, is dead; Was biking across Williamsburg Bridge

In 1975, on the crime-ridden Lower East Side, Adam Purple started a garden behind his tenement home. By 1986, The Garden of Eden was world famous and had grown to 15,000 square feet. For Adam – a social activist, philosopher, artist, and revolutionary – the Garden was the medium of his political and artistic expression. It was razed by the city in 1986 after a protracted court battle. This film documents the creation of this artwork and its ultimate destruction. Winner of the “Neighborhood Award” at the Lower East Side Film Festival

#RIP #AdamPurple. May his body fertilize the #earth and green spaces he lived defending, may we all be so lucky to live to such a ripe age in the style of our choosing, sustainably and with integrity. No shame in dying on a #bike. Ride on, Adam!

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