@followmytree “every day a new tree”

On your instagram-account @followmytree you claim that you post “every day a new tree arround my world”…

When did you start and why did you choose trees?

@followmytree1@followmytree is a personal initiative I had established in January of 2014 on the Instagram social network. Has the compiling of over 700 differents trees (https://instagram.com/followmytree/). Since then every day new photography’s are showing, explored aesthetic, botanical and scientific features  promoting the natural heritage of the trees. The trees bellows to my nature or urban walks, travels, or work during outdoor learning sessions and represent a piece of my every day. I try to show the tree in their natural, rural or urban context or showing their shape and size, or specifically botanical features. The trees are present in a positive and enjoyable way. Although some of them have a provocative message calling attention to several trees injuries (e.g., pruning, garbage disposal, soil compaction, car parking).

Is it really every day?

Yes, it is. However, there are few publications that were not daily are due to uncontrollable situations, such as the absence of the telecommunications network, WIFI coverage and also for health reasons.

What do you study?  PhD in? 

I’m a PhD student of Science Communication at Biology Department of the University of Aveiro, Portugal. The field of the studies is “Trees of Public Interest in Portugal mainland”. Portuguese monumental trees are insufficiently known. These fact justify the important to invest in projects to enhance public awareness about monumental trees. My study will contribute to increase scientific literacy about monumental trees, by developed scientific projects to involving general public in their protection. Only well informed citizens can safeguard this natural heritage.

Which is your favourit tree?

It’s hard to choose just one tree. But, it is mainly the monumental trees those who interest me to know. Monumental trees differ from others of their species owing to their unusual size, age, or shape, which means that they have special natural, historical, cultural, or landscape features. Characteristics such as height, trunk diameter, crown shape, or witnessed historical events or appearing in myths and legends make these trees classified as Public Interest and protected by a national law.

However, if I had to choose trees natives species maybe:

  1. i) the magic tunnel formed by the reliquial forest with more and less 400 years old (Phillyrea latifolia ) (followmytree 336 and 411);
  2. ii) one of the oldest cork tree (Quercus suber ) of Portugal, with 513 years old, localized at Estarreja, Central Portugal (followmytre 599);

iii) or the “snake” maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton), localized near Marinha Grande, Litoral coast Portugal (followmytree 624).

In a non-native tree, the tallest tree in Europe: a eucalyptus (Eucalyptus diversicolor Muller) 72 metres in height located in the National Forest of “Vale de Canas”, near Coimbra, Central Portugal (followmytree 273) or the camphor (Cinnamomum camphora (L.J.Presl.) perhaps the biggest tree of Europe, also localized in Coimbra (followmytree 427).

Did you ever hug a tree?

Yes, I do. I also promote the tree hugging in children, youth and adults in my outdoor learning activities. Is important promote this contact to create an emotional connection between trees and general public. These connections also improve their respect and affection to the trees. Hug a tree is to be humble in relation to these living creatures who survived tenaciously over the time.

Do you know www.Newtree.org

I learned about the project by Instagram network. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of projects developed where the local populations have the opportunity to actively participate in managing their natural resources without become limiting. Also value the proactive action of the association in improving the quality of life of local populations, by the environmental rehabilitation projects developed.

Would you like to become a MoJo
Could be a possibility in the future.

Thank you very much for taking care about trees and raising awareness! Your work is treetastic! 🙂 

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