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Heart To Heart

James Blunt – Heart To Heart [Official Lyric Video]

“Heart To Heart”

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Nina #Fiva Sonnenberg – Alles leuchtet!

A #treetastic Fiva-Playlist:

Fiva [ˈfaɪva] (* 1978 in München, bürgerlich Nina Sonnenberg, vormals Fiva MC[2]) ist Rapperin, Moderatorin und Autorin. Zusammen mit DJ Radrum [ˈrædrʌm] (bürgerlich Sebastian Schwarz) gründete sie 2005 das Label Kopfhörer Recordings.Sie ist Radiomoderatorin bei FM4 (ORF) und Fernsehmoderatorin bei ZDFkultur.

Fiva MC / Nina Sonnenberg – Beziehungsweise

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The Bridge OpenMic @ Café Kairo, Bern

Videos will follow as soon as possible!

Please contact us if you are one of the singers above and you would like to cut your clip yourself. You can also write a comment if you want to express your opinion about this #treetastic event! Many thanks to trummer to make all this possible!

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a much smarter way of thinking

Originally posted on simply sustainable:

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Successful Innovation needs environmental alignment

Originally posted on Innovation Today:

Environmental Alignment

For Innovations to be successful there are numerous factors which need to be considered ranging from the products desirability, price point, interactions with the external technological landscape and whether additional environmental factors will hamper any mass roll out. 

If you cast your mind back to 2010 when the iPad 1 hit the stores it was not just the introduction of a touch screen tablet by Apple that made it successful, there were numerous others factors at play.  Just think without the App Store concept the tablet would not have been so attractive to the masses, widespread Wi-Fi needed to be available, the developer community had to embrace the product and quickly provide app access to all of the popular web sites (some other operating systems still have issues with this) have an extended battery life and built-in camera for video calls was essential.  These were only a few of the hundreds…

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Clippet: A new app for daily one-minute audio newsclips

Originally posted on Charlie Gerard:


I love reading news… But like most of us, I feel like I don’t have time to read as much as I would like to.

As I walk to work every morning, I thought I should try to listen to podcasts to have my daily dose of news while walking. However, the podcasts I want to listen to seem to be always quite long (sometimes 40min!) so I end up not finishing them or even not bothering…

I understand that to cover a topic properly, you need details and time, but sometimes you just want this quick summary, just to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world or in a specific industry.

Today, I found an app that pretty much does that! It’s called Clipper, it’s available for free on Android and iOS and it delivers daily one-minute audio newsclips.

The concept was to create news for…

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#WorldWebForum2015 Interview with Billie Whitehouse

We proudly present the interview with Billie Whitehouse, Co-Founder of We:Ex, keynote speaker at the worldwebforum 2015 in Zürich.

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