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To be a poet is to wake up every morning and file the callouses from your senses. You scrub them until they are so raw that your familiar lover smells of lust and danger, a cup of coffee is like a warm hug from an old friend, and morning sunshine still tickles with the light of unmanifested dreams.

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artistYoung-ha Kim

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Young-ha Kim: Be an #artist, right now!

Website: Kim Young-ha (English) Website: Kim Young-ha (Korean)

Mein Thema heute ist: “Seid Künstler, jetzt!” Wenn das Thema angesprochen wird, werden die meisten Menschen angespannt und wehren sich dagegen: “Kunst ernährt mich nicht und ich bin gerade zu beschäftigt. Ich muss zur Schule gehen, einen Job bekommen, meine Kinder in den Unterricht schicken…” Sie denken: “Ich bin zu beschäftigt. Ich habe keine Zeit für Kunst.” Es gibt Hunderte von Gründen, warum wir gerade jetzt kein Künstler sein können. Fallen Ihnen nicht auch gerade einer ein?

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© Justin Metz

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Björk – All is Full of #Love

Björk playlist

Björk is such an inspiration, not just for aspiring musicians but for people in general…

Björk – Live at Canal+

Inside Björk, the documentary

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Dancing droplets!

A puzzling observation, pursued through hundreds of experiments, has led Stanford researchers to a simple yet profound discovery: Under certain circumstances, droplets of fluid will move like performers in a dance choreographed by molecular physics. Read the story:

Nice Logo by the way:



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Tree Change Dolls

What do you get when you take off a Bratz doll’s makeup? Meet the people who are changing the face of girls’ toys.


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Spiraling ‘Evolver’ Viewing Platform – Zermatt

By EPFL-Students

Evolver is an inhabitable sculpture erected for the Zermatt Festival, the renowned annual event for Chamber Music featuring the Berlin Philharmonic amongst many others. As an architectural artefact, Evolver intervenes spatially on the panorama surrounding Zermatt and was designed and executed by a team architecture students in ALICE’s second year studio.

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Google is keen on art.

Google Art Project

It’s a #treetastic way to explore the stories behind the art.

Google Cultural Institute: How To Use the Site

Best Street Art In The World

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