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Are We Running Dry?

The Urban Water Research Center at UCI presents this documentary by James Thebaut which chronicles the use of water in the southwestern U.S. and ultimately, asks the question, Are We Running Dry. This compelling program, narrated by Jane Seymour, takes a serious look at water policy in the Southwest and what changes may be in store in the future. [1/2009] [Public Affairs] [Science] [Show ID: 15738]

Water Sculpture

Water (Short-Film)

The Mystery of Water ❀ Water ~ just a liquid or much more? Many researchers are convinced that water is capable of ‘Memory’ by storing information and retrieving it. The possible applications are innumerable: limitless retention and storage capacity and the key to discovering the origins of life on our planet. Research into water is just beginning.

Water is Everywhere, even inside stones. As Water is the easiest to take in new information and pass it along, you can use Water to program your desired world (New Secret Extraterrestrial Knowledge from The ET Contactee and Universal White Time Healer Channie West)

Water: The Great Mystery

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Syngenta’s Board of Directors rejects Monsanto offer

Monsanto believes a combination would deliver significant value to shareholders of both companies. The combination is expected to result in substantial synergies as the company delivers more integrated solutions to customers. Monsanto, in conjunction with its financial and legal advisors, has devoted significant time and resources to analyzing a potential combination of Syngenta and Monsanto and is confident in its ability to obtain all necessary regulatory approvals.

Monsanto does not intend to make any additional comments on this matter at this time.

Michel Demaré, Syngenta Chairman said, “Syngenta is the world leader in Crop Protection, the number three in Seeds and the first company to introduce integrated solutions for growers. Monsanto’s proposal does not reflect the outstanding growth prospects of Syngenta’s integrated strategy and the significant future value potential of the company’s crop-focused innovation and market leading positions.

“In 2015, we are on track to achieve the first $265 million of savings from our Accelerating Operational Leverage Program, and we are targeting savings of $1 billion in 2018. This will allow us to realize the full benefits of the integrated strategy and will ensure that increases in profitability are sustained for the benefit of Syngenta’s shareholders.”

Translation for the $harholder by MyTreeTV:

Dear sharholder, as we are so keen on money, we are proud to inform you that we will continue to grow your profit (and ours as well) by killing bees. We’ve hired some bank-people from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley (people who have actually no clue about science and the consequences of their decisions) to find ways to reduce taxes – no matter what. It’s all about the money and in the meantime we continue to tell you lies about our sustainability. Of course Monsanto and Syngenta will find a way to bribe the right people in order to make this deal possible. If you think that you are not a sharholder and you don’t want to support these crazy ideas it’s already too late. Your pension-money needs to be profitable and retirement funds invest your money wherever they find the profit. This amoral support of un-ethical companies will destroy more than we can imagine! And what should you do? As you are indirectly a shareholder maybe it would be good to ask yourself some questions and also ask the people who are in charge of YOUR money if there is a way to find profit without destroying our planet.

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Björk – All is Full of #Love

Björk playlist

Björk is such an inspiration, not just for aspiring musicians but for people in general…

Björk – Live at Canal+

Inside Björk, the documentary

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Human Instincts

BBC Human Instincts (Playlist)

This documentary illustrates the Human Instincts.


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Money And Power in North Korea: Hidden Economy – Documentary

Hidden Economy – Documentary

North Korea has becoming increasingly isolated under a series of international economic sanctions. The country is in financial straits. How has the Kim Jong Un regime managed to stay in power? Our interviews with people who were once high-ranking officials in the leadership inner circle and investigation in several countries revealed the existence of secret funds that only the supreme leader can freely use. The program will explore connection between power and money in North Korea.

DRAW MY LIFE – Kim Jong-un

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Cancer – The Emperor Of All Maladies

Cancer The Emperor Of All Maladies – Documentary 2015

This film tells the story of cancer, from its first description in an ancient Egyptian scroll to the gleaming laboratories of modern research institutions. It interweaves a sweeping historical narrative; with intimate stories about contemporary patients; and an investigation into the latest scientific breakthroughs that may have brought us to the brink of lasting cures.

Part 1: Magic Bullets

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Zum verzweifeln?

Matze Rossi Ich zweifel also bin ich 


Yasmo – Kein Platz Für Zweifel



Die Werte von Zweifel: UNSERE WERTE

zweifelDie Natur ist perfekt. Sie dient als unser Qualitäts-Barometer.

Dies verpflichtet: Die erstklassige Qualität unserer vielfältigen Produktepalette geniesst höchste Priorität. Die Zutaten beziehen wir, wenn immer möglich, in der Schweiz.

Auch der bewusste Umgang mit Ressourcen wird grossgeschrieben. So halten wir uns zum Beispiel im Bereich der Verpackungen strikt an einen minimalsten Materialeinsatz. Der Pioniergeist von früher treibt uns heute noch an: Das erklärte Ziel des Familienunternehmens ist seit jeher, die besten Chips und Snacks herzustellen. Unsere Garantie? Der Frische-Service steht für eine sorgfältige Überprüfung unserer Produkte. Sie sollen stets knusprig und frisch zum Konsum bereit stehen, überall und jederzeit.

In jeder Packung Zweifel-Chips stecken Genuss und Freude – dafür tun wir alles.


[Doku] Die Lügen der Nahrungsmittelindustrie

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