For a better life

Protect sites

newTree helps village families and associations to protect sites of critical biodiversity by enabling the growth of mixed local forests. Our project provides the materials necessary for the protection of the natural vegetation.

 Participation and training

Additionally, we participate with local populations by conducting trainings on the sustainable use of the forests. In addition, newTree helps to create income-generating activities (apiculture, nurseries, gardening, etc.) and promotes activities that reduce the pressure on natural resources (improved cooking stoves, and the use of living-hedges rather than timber for fencing). In the medium-term newTree will create an agro-environmental training centre for farmers and students including a natural forest of about 8 hectares in Gampéla a village next to Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso.

These interventions are based on a participatory approach to rural development and environmental conservation. All decisions undertaken during the project cycle will be jointly-made with the project partners. These farmers will make the ultimate decisions regarding the protection of selected degraded environments by determining the areas they want to conserve and defining the goals of these interventions. Partner communities will provide conservation plots for which property rights will be clearly established through a contractual agreement that includes/respects traditional and government land rights.

Participating communities will further contribute by providing labour for the construction of conservation fences (this activity involves hole digging, post installation, fabrication of chain-link fence materials and maintenance). Other fence construction components (appropriate soil materials and water) will also be secured locally by participating project partners.

newTree responds to the demands of local populations. Since we began work, farmers have come to know newTree and they are confident in our method. The selection criteria for new community projects are very strict. We choose to work with communities that demonstrate motivation


For a green Sahel with newTree!

We invite you to establish sound basis of life for whole populations! Reforestation is providing food, fodder, medicine and even a small income. Please help us preventing further desertification! And change waste land into mixed forest!

You’re welcome to do something to fight the greenhouse effect !  By buying CO2 certificates securing the growth of thousands of trees!

NewTree is depending on a large body of donors. Let your friends know about us! Printed matter is available on request.

This is the certificate from newTree for MyTree.TV:

NewTree-Certificate 2010/2011

http://www.MyTree.TV is now CO2-neutral!


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