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How waste land turns into forest
Nature alone is able to perform this miracle, for dried up soil contains all it needs in its bowels. Which would develop were it not for the goats. These innumerable animals, roaming freely, eat everything up to the last twig. The only way to allow young plants to grow is by building sturdy metallic fences.That’s the method chosen by newTree for its projects. 

Countless goats eat the trees..
..which can only be protected by fences.

newTree encourages natural regeneration. Using neither monocultures nor watering, but rainwater only. Out of reach of cattle, an impressive array of indigenous plants appear out of the buried seeds and roots. Some rare endemic species even reappear.

Your contribution

For a green Sahel with newTree!

We invite you to establish sound basis of life for whole populations! Reforestation is providing food, fodder, medicine and even a small income. Please help us preventing further desertification! And change waste land into mixed forest!

You’re welcome to do something to fight the greenhouse effect !  By buying CO2 certificates securing the growth of thousands of trees!

NewTree is depending on a large body of donors. Let your friends know about us! Printed matter is available on request.

This is the certificate from newTree for MyTree.TV:

NewTree-Certificate 2010/2011

http://www.MyTree.TV is now CO2-neutral!

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