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Much more experimental than Animal, her second album, Warrior, contains dubstep elements and explores erotic experiences Kesha encountered with ghosts on the song, “Supernatural”.[90][91][92] Overall, Kesha said the theme of Warrior is magic.[93]

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Inspired by Bruce Springsteen – Are you working on a dream?

This guy was not born in the USA but as you can see Heinrich Müller, was television journalist and newscaster for Swiss public broadcaster Schweizer Fernsehen. Today he is a musician. He has been working on his dream.

We don’t know who the spark was but it looks like he is on fire and he is now dancing in the dark…

What would THE BOSS say about his Swiss-Fan?

What about you? Are you working on a dream?

Please let us know and write a comment…

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Anna Kaenzig!

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Obviously Anna Kaenzig likes trees! She wrote “YOUR TREE on My CD” when she signed her new album after the interview at the Zermatt-Unplugged-Festival! Please stay tuned and you’ll be able to watch a very interesting interview right here on http://www.MyTree.TV.

In your Hands

Making of:

„Have you ever thought of leaving without saying anything?“. Mit dieser Frage beginnt ANNA KAENZIG den Song „In Your Hands“ auf ihrem ersten Album „Four Acres and No Horse“. Eine Frage, die man der 26-jährigen Künstlerin abnimmt; so echt und ungeschliffen erscheinen die Geschichten, welche die elf vereinnahmenden Lieder auf ihrem Debütalbum erzählen. Der zurückhaltenden Zürcherin ist ein Debüt geglückt, das so unverkrampft und bedingungslos echt tönt wie eben fast nur ein Erstlingswerk tönen kann. Es wird Pop mit Folk gemischt, da sind Jazzeinflüsse auszumachen, und sogar ein bisschen Country hat die Gesangsstudentin der Zürcher Hochschule für Künste einfliessen lassen. Zusammen mit James Gruntz als Produzent – eine weitere Neu-Entdeckung am Schweizer Musikhimmel – hat ANNA KAENZIG ein schönes und doch eigenständiges Album eingespielt. Man könnte sie mit vielen Künstlerinnen vergleichen, doch der Ruf nach Norah Jones ist sicher am naheliegendsten.

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“Welcome To The Show”

United To Be Famous – Neues Album “Welcome To The Show”

Am 25.März erscheint das langerwartete Debüt – Album der Bieler Rock Band „United To Be Famous“ ! United To Be Famous (der Einfachheit UTBF genannt) treiben seit 2003 ihr Unwesen in in- und ausländischen Konzertsälen, die drei Jungs aus der Region Biel brauchen die Bühne wie der Mensch die Luft zum atmen. Ihren Sound beschreiben die Jungs als „punkyPopRock“, soll heissen : brachiale Gitarrenriffs treffen auf eingängige Refrains mit hohem Wiedererkennungswert.

Seit der Rückkehr um Michu Stalder aus „Musicstar“ touren UTBF fleissig durch die Schweiz und wollen den Leuten ihren Sound sowie ihre einducksvolle Bühnenshow „live“ präsentieren. Wer sagt denn, dass eine punkige Rockband keine Show bieten darf ? UTBF scheren sich einen Deut um Konventionen, hauptsache das Publikum kommt bei den Konzert auf ihre Kosten. Michu, Chrigu und Sandro sind mit glamourösem Hardrock aus den guten alten 80er Jahren aufgewachsen.


Der Hauptharst der Songs wurde in einer höchst kreativen Phase innerhalb eines Jahres geschrieben, ergänzt durch Band-Klassiker wie „Get Stoned“ oder „It’s Allright“. Für die Aufnahmen hat sich die Band in der Obhut von „Christoph Beyerlein“ begeben, der zuvor schon QL bereut hatte. Das Resultat kann sich hören lassen !


Aktuelle Single :         Favourite Fool

Aktuelles Album :        Welcome To The Show (Vö.25.März)

CD Taufe :                   12.März – Kufa Lyss BE ( !


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Keen on Annakin’s music!

Annakin’s new radio single „The Trooper“ – of her upcoming Album „Icarus Heart“ – tells the story of a deserting soldier. The Swiss artist plays with the double meaning of her lyrics, and it soon becomes obvious that this song is actually about love.
Dimitri Tikovoï, who has worked with bands such as Placebo, Sophie Ellis Bextor or Guesch Patti, produced this subtle track for Annakin in the legendary Assault & Battery studios in London. Catchy synthesizer melodies, drum loops that make you shake your head and a fat bassline dominate the sound of „The Trooper“.

Music by Annakin
Produced by Dimitri Tikovoi
Video directed by Christian Ammann

The Trooper

Lyrics by Annakin

The timing bad a hand that shivered
An ardent trooper was taking the blame
He put the arrow back in the quiver
Too remote was his aim

You open the brightest window
To see him stumble properly
Something’s itching between your shoulders
Bite your lips bite your lips

Are the crumbs still there that stain your eye
Are you still confusing parts and hearts with brain
Will you recognize the songs that reflect your light
When you are on the flipside of pain

When more is simply not enough
One is the number of beginning to stop
It gets cold inside your world
Because something got torn apart

There’s no place in the world you’d rather be
You can hear your heart sinking
There’s no place in the world you’d rather be

How much does the trooper take
Too much of it will empty his eyes
On page defined positions change
He is deserting to your surprise


In her second radio single „Alive“ taken from the highly acclaimed album „Torch Songs“, Annakin turns to a rockier sound compared to previous single releases. The catchy and warm tunes of the banjo, Adrian Weyermann’s unique guitar sounds and Annakin’s extraordinarily alterable voice are characteristic for this upbeat song. With “Alive” the drummer and composer Matthias Kräutli and Annakin’s producer Jono Buchanan have created a real street hit for Annakin, which will infect everyone who hears it with spring fever.

Annakin’s new album “Torch Songs” is out now!!
For more info go to


» download now on iTunes!

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Black & White!

There are so many people who think in black and white. Yestrday, however I had the pleasure to meet several open-minded people who see the world in color – Full HD! As promised I am going to make a blog about black and white. Let’s see what the result will look like… If you have a special clip or some nice pictures you would like to share with the readers of the TREEmagazine you can just tweet me or drop me a line by e-mail.

By the way I’ve just checked the stats of this blog and I have to say that it is very nice to see that the readership is growing almost every day! On http://www.MyTree.TV you can find links for many documentaries, music and art! It is also including science and charity!

As you can see: It has got many branches your digital tree!

Feel free to watch http://www.MyTree.TV – Your personal Web-Filter with daily updates! 8-) Thanks for sharing your news about Music, Art and Charity! NAMASTE!


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A Katrina Retrospect in Black & White (42min)

The Media claims the slow response to New Orleans, during Katrina, was a Racial issue. St Bernard Parish, a predominantly white community just five miles from the heart of New Orleans, was completely flooded 24 hours before New Orleans. People here had already drowned while the Media’s top story was the hole in the Superdome’s roof.

Ok. That’s it so far! Feel free to add any videoclip-links related with black and white in your comments…

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I am wondering if you dream in black & white or in color. Please write a comment...

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