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Mirjam Wanner goes into the deep forest…


Ich gehe in den Wald hinein

Ich bin im Dickicht gelandet. Umgeben von Hölzern, Gräsern, Moos und Tannengeäst tun sich Wege auf, um im nächsten Augenblick wieder zu verschwinden. Formationen von Gestrüpp verführen mich und schicken mich weiter, neue zu entdecken. Phantasien, Phantasmen, Geräusche, Geknacke, geheime Wege und Verstecke. Alles ist möglich. Rastlos verweile ich hier. An diesem verrückten Ort, wo niemand ist ausser mir und ein paar wilden Tieren.

Filmbeitrag von SF Schweiz Aktuell

Soundtrack anhören…

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Global Warming or a New Ice Age: Documentary Film

Global cooling was a conjecture during the 1970s of imminent cooling of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere along with a posited commencement of glaciation. This hypothesis had little support in the scientific community, but gained temporary popular attention due to a combination of a slight downward trend of temperatures from the 1940s to the early 1970s and press reports that did not accurately reflect the scientific understanding of ice age cycles. In contrast to the global cooling conjecture, the current scientific opinion on climate change is that the Earth has not durably cooled, but undergone global warming throughout the twentieth century.

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The Bear!

Is it really a good idea to climb on a Tree when a bear is hunting you? As you can see on the following pictures they have absolutely no difficulties to climb on the top of any tree that is stable enough:

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Permaculture (52min)

Details the rise and rise of the “Permaculture Concept” as espoused by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton.

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Out of a Forest- Into The Trees! supermodel Gisele Bündchen has showed her interest in the environment before, first with a campaign that showed her wearing a water dress inviting to conserve this resource, and later with the launch of her own green blog.

Out Of A Forest

Into The Trees

Memory Tree: Canon 5D

One year in 40 seconds

Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

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Desert Crossing & The metal forest

Desert Crossings

Desert Crossings takes us on a journey of discovery, building bridges between two continents, tracing shared memories and the earth’s history, revealing timeless stories, universal hopes and dreams of a better world.

This cross-cultural performance is a collaboration between UK based producers, State of Emergency and South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma of Vuyani Dance Theatre, performed by a company of five dancers from different cultural backgrounds, with an original score by Steve Marshall.

“The choreography resonates with ancient traditions, belief systems and mythologies emanating from mosques, churches and ancient caves from the origins of mankind to Timbuktu, and beyond the Jurassic Coast… The memory of time is broken by individual outbursts and muscular vocabulary which turns human flesh into tumbleweeds or fossils of primordial memory, creating a journey across vast deserts, seas and mountains. Desert Crossings is a landscape where the physical and the metaphysical, the corporeal and the spiritual, the celestial and terrestrial all merge.” Gregory Maqoma

Inspired by the similarities between the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site on England’s south coast and the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, this new work is an exploration and reflection on two very different places, united through a shared history of the rocks on which they stand. Once a single continent with a desert environment called Pangaea, our world was gradually torn apart through 250 million years of history.

The Metal Forest

The film is part of a joint project with the artist Tabitha Salmon who has been making interventions in a deserted English wood for the last 10 years.
I started the documentation using still photography but soon decided the changing moods over the year could be echoed by a short cyclical film encompassing both the daily and annual cycle.
The wood is part of an ancient Iron Age fort and I hope the film contains a sense of Tabitha’s liaison alongside the darker elements of a mysterious past.

Insomniac Jam & Hypnotic Chill


Trees are omnipresent!

Yesterday it was snowing here in Bern and guess what did I see?

Yes it was a Tree:

…but actually there was not just one

do you understand? TREES are omnipresent!

And maybe we shouldn’t cut the TREE!

As it would be a future without fun for your son:


Francois Pantillon (b.1928) comes from a prominent family of musicians from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and received his initial training in violin from his father. After his diploma he joined the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, where he graduatesd with highest honours and was awarded the Van Hall Prize for violin. He hen turned to conducting skills, working with Paul van Kempen at the Academia Chigi di Siena, with Franco Ferrara in Hilversum, and with Herbert von Karajan at the Lucerne Festival. After engaging him as leader of the Festival Orchestra, von Karajan soon encouraged him to conduct.

From 1972 to 1997 he was the conductor and artistic manager of the Thuner Stadtorchester, with whom he performed more than 200 concerts. In 1965 he founded the professional chamber orchestra Capella Bernensis with whom he toured Switzerland and other European countries on several occasions.

The multi-faceted artist is frequently invited abroad as guest conductor, having toured France, Italy, Spain, England, Holland, Belgium and Poland, where he was invited to conduct various Philharmonic Orchestras every year from 1973 to 1988. In London he celebrated successes with the New Philharmonia Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Spezializing in the direction of oratorios, he is recognized as an outstanding interpreter of classic and romantic literature, but is equally devoted to modern composers, having performed Swiss and Polish premieres of Arthur Honegger, Frank Martin and Heinrich Sutermeister works in particular.

Pantillon is also a noted composer. His first oratorio, Clameurs du Monde (Clamors of the World), written in 1986, was very warmly received and noted immediately in the musical encyclopedia, Oratorien der Welt (Oratorios of the World), by Prof. Dr. Kurt Pahlen of Vienna. It was presented on Swiss television and performed by Barbara Hendricks and the Slovakian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Oliver Donanyi throughout the major cities of Switzerland in 1991 as part of a national celebration commemorating the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. For the same jubilee the city of Bern produced for the first time his opera, Die Richterin (the Lady Judge), with numerous performances.

Soon thereafter he turned to composing chamber music, notably a sextet Gaudium and the Trio 1029 for violin, cello and piano, a song cycle Instants…, a brilliant cantata for chamber choir and piano, entitled Daphne, a Missa Brevis di San Pedro, and a Sinfonietta for orchestra. His greatest success, however, came with his Christmas oratorio, Bethlehem, which debuted in Bern in 1995, and was subsequently performed in Rome and in many Swiss cities, including Geneva. For the Millenium, his Te Deum 2000 premiered at Bern Cathedral as part of a Three Te Deum concert that also presented Haendel’s Dettinger Te Deum and Bruckner’s Te Deum.

The style of Francois Pantillon lies in the convergence of tonality with polytonality. He pursues expressiveness in modernism through a spectrum of color in which the avant-gard mixes with post-impressionist harmonies. His melodies are polished and his orchestration refined. Pantillon himself says, ” Mon souhait est d’atteindre le coeur de l’auditeur en le remplissant d’ombre et de lumière. Pour moi, la composition est un acte de réflexion et d’amour, qui tend la main à l’humanité. ” (My wish is to reach the heart of the listener in filling it with shadow and light. For me, composition is an act of reflection and of love, which stretches out its hand to humanity.)

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