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Cotton Tree – Pesticide-Free – Organic Cotton Education Video

Organic Cotton Education Video

Do you know if the clothes you wear have been polluted?

This video is to educate people that by putting on an organic T-shirt, we are giving hope to our world.

Switcher Production of Bao Organic T-Shirt

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Broadcast (2006) Magic of Motion : Most animals, and even a few plants, move. They swim, walk, run or fly in a wide range of ways, and in this programme we look at how designers of planes, cars and robots have found inspiration in nature. But biomimetics is not just about copying nature, it’s about understanding the principles behind nature’s success and applying those in new and surprising ways. So exploring the world of cars and planes also gives us some startling new insights into nature as well. In this programme we find out why sharks can swim so fast, how flies and geckos can climb smooth glass and how vultures can help the next generation of airliners. We also meet robot cockroaches that might look like something from science fiction, but might be the fore-runners of the latest all terrain vehicles.
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Free Hugs!

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Did you ever hug a stranger? Did you ever hug a tree? When did you hug the last time?

The following video-clip was watched over 68 million times on youtube! Obviously there is a need to hug and to be hugged!

So, go ahead and hug the world!  “You get, what you give!”

Free Hugs Campaign – (music by Sick )

TREEhugs are FREEhugs!

free hugs
“You get, what you give!”


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