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Waiting for Love

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Avicii – Waiting For Love #Lyrics

Avicii – Waiting For Love (Lyric Video)

Avicii – Waiting For Love LYRICS

Ft: Martin Garrix & Simon Aldred
Produced By: Avicii & Martin Garrix
Written By: Avicii, Martin Garrix, Salem Al Fakir

[Verse 1: Simon Aldred]
Where there’s a will, there’s a way, kinda beautiful
And every night has its day, so magical
And if there’s love in this life, there’s no obstacle
That can’t be defeated

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Yes You Do It Again!

green eyes

Every time I look at your green eyes,

There is an ocean inside…

I try to keep a hold…

I try to stay still…

And yet the power of love…

Pushes me forward…

It is time I have to be honest…

I have no power when it comes to you…

You are perfect in ways more than one…

And it is an honor to be in love…

Yet I am scared…

What if things end wrong…?

What if you crush my heart…?

But all I have to do is

Look right in the green in your eyes…

And baby I fall against my might…

Even if you break me into two…

I can’t help but fall in love with you..!


SpringFeelings! Joelle’s Top-List!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Joelle B.

Here we go again! After her successful music-collections (Indie, 80’s, Tarantiono) Joelle B. comes up with her Spring-Top-List! Please enjoy her selection and let her know what you think about this music! In spite of the troubles in Japan we must think positive and we’ll see how everything is getting green again. After the rain there comes the sun. After the winter comes Spring and what’s the song that you are going to sing? Keep it green – or at least try to do so!

Spring? by Victoria Harding

Everything`s gone green

SPRINGFEELINGS? WHATS LOVE ? a little animated short clip

“my spring-songs” by Joelle B.

Florence and the machine / Dog days are over

People press play/These days

Efterklang/ Modern drift

Jamiroquai/ feels so good

And here are our Fantastic 4 from Bern; CHOO CHOO :-9
CHOO CHOO hat wie ich nach guten Tönen gesucht, und sie haben sie auch gefunden! Mitten in bern, und passend zum frühling…. überzeugt euch selbst. By the way, CHOO CHOO`s neues Musikvideo erscheint voraussichtlich ende März. Here “we go” ;

CHOO CHOO / in or out


Oder vielleich Lust auf Veränderung im Wohnbereich? Frühling im wohnzimmer…

LULL – A lamp that open and closes like a flower


” spring spring dance
away from lonelyness
come here in your trance
and give of its caress
sweet light of grace
that comes with daybreak
in shadowed tint plays
when the air is awake “

Peter S. Quinn

The New Spring – The Glow


Vivaldi 4 Saisons – Spring


Interview with Jean-Claude Biver, CEO Hublot is quite tricky sometimes. Due to noise-signals from mobile phones – so-called smart-phones – the audio-quality of the video-interview with Mr.Biver did not meet our quality requirements. We are terribly sorry that we can show you the interview in Text-Form only. But hey! Why shouldn’t we read an interview in text-form from time to time? We might discover the message between the lines…

By Stefan{at}MyTree.CH

There are lots of things about your person written in the internet. I would like to ask you some new questions.

Please ask.

First of all I would like to make a visual test. What do you see on this picture?

I can see a tree.

Don’t you see more? Take your time, you have to consider it more precisely.
I can’t see more.

Sometimes there is more there, than you think you see.
Bring the white scope into your focus. Imagine, that the stars are eyes…
Oh yes, and the hands..
So you have you seen it? Oh yes! What is this test for?
There are people, which look at this picture and they just can see the tree.
It’s good to see the tree and it’s good seeing the hands protecting the tree.

We call it „The Tree-Spirit“. My first question is about creativity: Did you ever hear something about polar clock. It looks like this:

What do you think about the polar clock? Can it be a creative way to see the time?
Yes of course, it’s a creative way of seeing the time. It’s a trial to show time differently, you know, why should time always be shown by two hands or three hands and why not? Yes, I think, it’s also interesting because it chooses colors. Color is emotion. It is a creative and a different way to show the time. The colors are attractive. Color is emotion.
That’s true, you have plenty of colors in your watches.
Yes, because I love colors. For me the color is one of the biggest pleasure I have in life. What I really enjoy is the air and color.

So, what is your favorite color?

My favorite color is., well it depends. For my dresses it is blue. Ok, I don’t wear blue today. It doesn’t mean because blue is my favorite color, that everything has to be blue, but I like blue. And then I also like green.

In fact, blue and green are the two dominant colors on planet earth. Green is the color of the forest, blue is the sky and the sea. What else do we have on planet? That’s it. So somehow I like the two basic colors of the planet.

Let’s speak about symmetry. I have a question concerning the screws on your watches.

The screws can never be symmetric, because they are screws and screws have a function and they have a technique of function. Like in an engine, like in a Ferrari engine for example. If you look at a Ferrari engine the screws are just ending up, where they are and the screws cannot be.

The screw at 12 cannot be like this and the screw at 3 like this, this is impossible in technology. Unless you make it look like a screw, but in actual fact it is a nut, the screw is then on the back. And then you make something aesthetic that looks like a screw and where is the technology?

Technology is as it is.


Then my next question is: What is more important? Beauty or technology?
Technology is important and the truth is important, you cannot hide it. If you put the screw, that is not the screw but a nut.

Isn’t there a way to put the screws in a way that looks more symmetric or why not remove them?
No, it’s not interesting to try to do it. Because there are technical screws and every watch is different in that sense.
The first time I have seen your watches at the airport in Geneva I thought that it’s impossible for me to wear such a watch. It would disturb me to read the time.
It is because you are very precise, you are a very symmetric man and you are quite a lot influenced from the North, from Germany and you are like some of the German guys, they gave me this remark… (laughing).

Is it a national thing, actually?
It is more. It depends. 90 % of the people, who ask the question „Can’t we change the screws…“ came from Germany or German countries or Swiss German. But again, you will never be able to fix the screw on a certain position.

Well what about “never say never”?.
No, we don’t even want to try. Because we don’t see the sense in that and then it doesn’t look natural.
Speaking about your business. You have plenty of things, that you import/export, are you concerned a little bit about the CO2 production that you make worldwide with your business?
Not really.

Why not?
Because it’s not significant. We don’t import so much from outside and when we import from outside, it’s mostly from Germany or France. And there are no long distances to negotiate and it’s very small in volume. So if you send a letter or a little package with 10’000 screws in it it’s not very significant. But the fact is, we have no volume, no reasons to be heavily concerned and to make studies about the CO2.
What about supply chains. Do you know, where the material is coming from?
Not always. When we buy gold from the UBS, we don’t really know where it comes from. When we buy platinum also from the UBS, we don’t really know where the platinum comes from. When we buy diamonds, we have the Kimberly certificate, but … how do you know, that they are not from blood diamonds or if there is something wrong with the certificates. You have terrorist people entering countries with wrong passports, so today you have fake money, today you have fake watches… Today you can only try it, but you can never give a full security.
Are Chinese people already trying to copy your watches?
Thanks God, I hope so, they must! It is a must.

If people copy your watches it is a sign of success.

You measure your success by two elements: the numbers of copies and how many people are jealous of your industry. If you drive the industry mad because they are full of envy and full of jealousy and you have a lot of copies, then you know, that you are successful. Laughing. No copies, no success.
Speaking about the trees. You use rubber, I mean Kautschuk. Is that right?
Yes. We use it for the wrist-band.

Where does it come from? Malaysia.

And how is it produced? Have you been there? No, I’ve not been there.

And can you make sure that there is no child labour?
It is produced from a Swiss company, it belongs to us. It belongs to Swiss people. And they bring the rubber from Malaysia. That is all I know.

Do you know „newTree“? No.

Well, I have a little gift for you. So you will never forget it anymore. There it is. It is a „newTree“-cap from  from the Non-Profit-Organization , they plant trees in Africa among many other things. Thanks a lot.

Thank you for wearing it. You show, that you like gifts.
I show, that I want to help and I show that I care.

That’s fantastic. I appreciate that. I would like to congratulate you for the César Award. I was quite impressed by the words you said in Bukarest.
Thank you.
Do you remember, what you have said?
Yes, of course.

“The whole life is now running just for one goal, to leave your trace”, is it correct?

Of course. Your life is there to work for the trace. And you should live to two traces: one trace is the trace of love, and anybody who dies and has left the trace of love I’d say, his life is a 99 % success. If in addition to this trace of love, which is the most important (99 %), if in addition to the trace of love, he can live the trace in his (of) business, in his activity.. Whatever he did, his life was a 100 % success. So, I reckon you should leave one trace of love and one trace in your occupation or your business.

Do you think, that there is already a little trace coming?
For me? Yes, for me I’ve a trace in my business, already, not very deep, I still have to work. And then there is a trace of love. (That I know).

While I was in the waiting room, I discovered “Les Hublotins”.
Ah, yes, the kindergarten.
So, offering a childcare service in work life lies at your heart?
Yes, for every employer, but also the people who are living in the area. It’s not only for our own people, of course they have a priority, but the service is for the region as well. We have to contribute to the region.

This is very impressive. Speaking about the future of Hublot and the sustainability. Where do you see Hublot in five years?
I see the enterprise where it is today, but with some new performances, in the watch making art, new performances in the materials, innovation, creativity, Hublot must always try to be the first, always try to be different, to be unique. If we can maintain this: be the first, be different and be unique, in five years we will be more successful, more important and stronger. And that it is, what I wish for Hublot, to become stronger and stronger and to keep this policy.

The book is available as audio-book.

Do you intent to make more watches?
No, to be stronger, to have more innovation, creativity, quality, awareness, reputation, exclusivity. Prestige is not a link to quantity. But the quantity is the consequence of all that. So we don’t foresee necessary high increases in quantity, we see increase in the creativity, increase in the prestige, increase in quality not quantity and as a consequence we see an increase of turnover more from the qualitative side then from the quantative side.
I would like to give you one more gift in order to reach your goal. Do you know Mr. Seth Godin? He wrote a book called: „Linchpin“ This is an audio book, as you travel a lot, you can listen listen it during your flights or while you are travelling. You can have an idea about his way of thinking. This is a big thank you for the interview.
Excellent. Thank you.

Thank you for this interesting interview and for your support.
Dankeschön, merci beaucoup.

After the interview with Mr. Biver Meichtry Stefan started a brand-new blog called

Please have a look and learn more about Hublot, Time-Management, Marketing and Innovation.

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Challenge Your World!

The energy-problems of the future are solved:

The 5min overview of Clean Energy sources

One benefit the global community began to receive as a result of high commodity and fossil fuel prices was a resurged interest in exploring alternate, cleaner energy sources. A similar momentum was created after the US Oil Crisis of the early ‘70s. Policy makers went about introducing new schemes to cut fuel consumption (such as CARF) and fuel economy became the new measuring stick. (See my other post on fuel efficient cars of the 70s.)  However once the political situation in the middle east settled down and re-access to Oil was negotiated, the US (and Canada along with it) waned on furthering alternate energy research.

I’m hopeful the same thing won’t happen this time around. Firstly, technology has advanced significantly in the last 30years that reduce the gap in ‘performance’ of alternatives. And secondly the global voice on climate change is louder and garnered more support than ever before. The price of consuming natural resources in the production of goods is increasing. Carbon taxes have been introduced in British Columbia, Cap&Trade carbon emission schemes (such as The European Union’s Emission Trading Scheme) are growing and will one day operate just like the NSYE with the same maturity of standards and regulatory oversight.

This movement isn’t going away and so to me this means it’s time to get a little more educated on alternative means to cleaner energy.

The “clean energy tree’’ provides us with a summary.

Clean Energy Tree

They are:

  • renewables  (for power generation)—including wind, biomass, geothermal,  solar
  • biofuels—including  ethanol,  biodiesel,  and  advanced  next  generation  cellulosic-
    based  fuels
  • (photovoltaics  [PV]  and  concentrating  solar  power  [CSP]),  and  ocean  power
  • carbon capture and storage—particularly as it applies to coal-fired power generation
  • conventional  clean  technologies—nuclear  energy  and  hydropower

Of these, Hydro, Nuclear and Wind are the most advanced. BC, fortuitous with its geography is a prime example of this Hydro generation. Advancement heavily depends upon policy  support  and  private  investment, which  is,  in  turn,  strongly  affected  by fossil  fuel  price  cycles  and  carbon  pricing.  In British Columbia, the energy policy can can read about here. Alberta’s key energy initiatives can be read about here.

Let’s see where our government takes us. And if they’re not leading us the direction you want it go then speak up.

Solar Powered Street Lights at Angkor Wat


NOTHING dESIGN GROUP, a Korean design studios and Asiana Airlines, a Korean airlines company, together with Korea International Cooperation Agencies (KOICA) have collaborated to develop and install Solar Powered Street Lights to the world cultural heritage sites designated by UNESCO in the Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The lights installed there to protect and provide security for tourists visiting the area.


NOTHING dESIGN GROUP and Asiana have installed 16 Solar Powered Street Lights around the Angkor Wat, and plans to install 5-10 additional Solar Powered Street Lights every year till 2015. Compared with typical street lights that use incandescent lamps (150 W), Solar Powered Street Lights contribute in eliminating the CO2 emissions to 240 kg, it’s equivalent to planting 86 pine trees.








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Best Songs 2010

This was 2009: WHAT A MASHUP!

Music: What It Is and What It’s Made Of, 2002


Let me be frank: The Mashup from 2009 sounds like the one form 2010! I have not found any great really NEW music lately. I am a little bit sad! So my question is, am I missing something?

Have you found a great new artist or song recently that you would like to share?

Please post in the comments section and help me out!


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One Love | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
Hear the children crying (One Love)
Hear the children crying (One Heart)
Sayin’ give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Sayin’ let’s get together and feel all right

Let them all pass all their dirty remarks (One Love)
There is one question I’d really like to ask (One Heart)
Is there a place for the hopeless sinner
Who has hurt all mankind just to save his own?
Believe me

One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
As it was in the beginning (One Love)
So shall it be in the end (One Heart)
Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
One more thing

Let’s get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One Love)
So when the Man comes there will be no no doom (One Song)
Have pity on those whose chances grove thinner
There ain’t no hiding place from the Father of Creation

Sayin’ One Love, One Heart
Let’s get together and feel all right
I’m pleading to mankind (One Love)
Oh Lord (One Heart)

Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right
Let’s get together and feel all right


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