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There is just one gun control that works: No guns!

Somehow we are all connected. There is compassion in all of us!

Our Thoughts go out to all involved in this senseless , unfortunate tragedy  at Sandy Hook Elementary School : We Remember December 14, 2012.
Maybe the following clip can give you some hope but nobody will be able to understand why it happened.

There is just one gun control that works:

No guns!

Noah And The Whale
Give A Little Love lyrics

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Lady of Burlesque

History keeps repeating and the “good old times” come over and over again… Get your grandparents cloths and become a trendsetter!

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“I know how to spend extravagantly … I think nothing of spending $8,000 on a corset for my show. My accountant once said he couldn’t understand how I spent $70,000 on a single dress, but then he came to my show and saw how lavish it was and told me afterwards that now he understood…”

Dita Von Teese

Lady of Burlesque

After a member of their group is murdered, the performers at a burlesque house band together in search of the killer. When a second woman is killed, performer Dixie becomes a prime suspect. So she sets a trap to catch the real killer.


What can you see? A burlesque-tree!


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