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Mirjam Wanner goes into the deep forest…


Ich gehe in den Wald hinein

Ich bin im Dickicht gelandet. Umgeben von Hölzern, Gräsern, Moos und Tannengeäst tun sich Wege auf, um im nächsten Augenblick wieder zu verschwinden. Formationen von Gestrüpp verführen mich und schicken mich weiter, neue zu entdecken. Phantasien, Phantasmen, Geräusche, Geknacke, geheime Wege und Verstecke. Alles ist möglich. Rastlos verweile ich hier. An diesem verrückten Ort, wo niemand ist ausser mir und ein paar wilden Tieren.

Filmbeitrag von SF Schweiz Aktuell

Soundtrack anhören…

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Cotton Tree – Pesticide-Free – Organic Cotton Education Video

Organic Cotton Education Video

Do you know if the clothes you wear have been polluted?

This video is to educate people that by putting on an organic T-shirt, we are giving hope to our world.

Switcher Production of Bao Organic T-Shirt


Do it yourself! Recycle your old T-shirts!

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8 Ways to Cut T-Shirt Sleeves – Plus Off the Shoulder Top


Mr Can CrusherRecycling Questions

Is your head full of rubbish…?

1) What are recycled steel cans turned into?

a) Shoes

b) Paper Clips

c) Trees

2) What do the 3R’s stand for?

a) Recycle Reuse Reduce

b) Reduce Reuse Recycle

c) Reuse Recycle Reduce

3) How many times can you recycle glass?

a) Over and over

b) Ten times

c) Once

4) How many plastic bottles are needed to make one fleece jacket?

a) 25

b) 50

c) 100

5) How long does it take to recycle an old newspaper into a new one?

a) a year

b) six month

c) a week

6) On average how long does it take for a plastic bag to decay in a landfill?

a) 500 years

b) 50 years

c) 5 years

How did you do?

1) b 2) b 3) a 4) a 5) c 6) a


Amazon Ecomedia offer an alternative to companies currently printing magazines, brochures, reports and catalogues etc. Many companies fail to grasp the full advantages of e-media because they put online something that’s not been designed for that purpose. This means that when their ‘online brochure’ is viewed (often using page-flip technology or scrolling PDFs) it is difficult to read and certainly not user friendly. This is because the viewing area on a screen is obviously far smaller than the printing specifications (usually A4) the brochure was designed to.


Amazon Ecomedia are a full service supplier, we design and format e-media specifically to be read on a standard size monitor so the reader does not need to constantly zoom in or move the page around. The combination of designing your e-media in this way and using our e-media software often means there is then no need to have a printed version. We can offer a full design, editing, and formatting service to companies wishing to embrace the latest digital magazine and online brochure technology.

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The most t-shirts worn at once!

Matt McAllister of KNIX in Phoenix, AZ setting the guiness world record for the most t-shirts worn at once.

Do you need a TREE-Shirt?,xcitefun-biggest-tree-.jpg

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TEDxZurich – Robin Cornelius – Wants to make clothing traceable!

Robin CorneliusRobin Cornelius is founder and chairman of Switcher, a Swiss textile company. Today, he co-owns the company with PGC (Prem Group), Switcher’s Indian partner for almost three decades. Switcher cooperates with Fair Wear Foundation, Max Havelaar, myclimate, Öko-Tex and other standard setting organisations. As an industry pioneer, the company has developed CO2 and H2O indexes for textile products. The online transparency service was launched in 2006.

“We know

NOTHING about anything!”

“Everybody pretends to know –

but nobody cares!”

“Ask for the code!”





“Just TRUST THE FACTS! Check the code!”

Let your products speak !

MyTree & Switcher


Interview with Robin Cornelius


TREEmagazine – For people who CARE! (TM)

Interview with Robin Cornelius (RC) CEO of SWITCHER 17.08.2009

We are sitting in front of the piano and we are almost ready to start the interview when Robin explains that we might be interrupted by a phone-call from India.

Robin Cornelius, CEO de SwitcherTM: Hello! Who are you?

RC: Me? We are three partners: Me, myself and I – for a lifetime. I’m Robin Cornelius born in 56 – still going on. Born in Stockholm Sweden. Grown up in Switzerland and visited some boarding schools in England and in Germany. I’m founder and now so to say the president of the board of SWITCHER. I’m about to publish a book.
TM: Do you already know the title of the book? RC: This is last minute. I have plenty of titles in my draw.
TM: When is it going to be published? RC: In spring 2011.
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