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Cotton Tree – Pesticide-Free – Organic Cotton Education Video

Organic Cotton Education Video from Kahgiap Remarks on Vimeo.

Do you know the clothes you wear have been polluted?

This video is to educate people that by putting on an organic T-shirt, we are giving hope to our world.

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Cambodia Hyperlapse – Keep your eyes open!

Good luck to Claudia from ““who is in Cambodia right now…

Eyes Open is convinced that sustainable progress can be achieved when people in these countries seek to induce change themselves and by their own efforts. However, for most projects, there is simply a lack of available funds.

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Snow Circles

Snow Circles by artist Sonja Hinrichsen

This massive snow drawing was created step by step, trampled into freshly fallen snow, by artist Sonja Hinrichsen


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Delacroix – Monet – Cézanne – Van Gogh – Yeah!$File/Vincent+Van+Gogh+-+Blossoming+Almond+Tree+2+.JPG


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