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#WorldWebForum2015 Interview with Billie Whitehouse

We proudly present the interview with Billie Whitehouse, Co-Founder of We:Ex, keynote speaker at the worldwebforum 2015 in Zürich.

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Will Apple’s new complex really be the ‘greenest building on the planet’?

Originally posted on Fortune:

At last year’s Climate Week conference, Tim Cook claimed the Apple Campus 2, set to open in 2016, will be “the greenest building on the planet.” But some experts doubt it will live up to the description.

Tech companies like Twitter, and Google, and Adobe have led the way with sustainable features in their headquarters, but sustainably-focused change in building design and construction, while slow to come, is now happening all over.

With Earth Day on Wednesday, Fortune decided to investigate which would could be the “greenest building.” Our conclusion? There seems to be no clear winner, but numerous buildings are claiming the admirable title of the best or most environmentally friendly building. And really, the more of these buildings, the better, so keep up the competition. Here are just seven building making such claims.

Powerhouse Kjørbo

Location: Sandvika, Norway

Opened: 2014

The claim: the “world’s most environmentally friendly office…

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The time for change is now!

We each want to live a life of purpose, but where to start? In this luminous, wide-ranging talk, Jacqueline Novogratz introduces us to people she’s met in her work in “patient capital” — people who have immersed themselves in a cause, a community, a passion for justice. These human stories carry powerful moments of inspiration.


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The Shoe That Grows!

Guy Invents Sandals That’ll Grow 5 Sizes In 5 Years To Help Millions Of Poor Children

Sometimes, the simplest invention can change millions of lives. That’s the goal of The Shoe That Grows, a sandal invented by inventor Kenton Lee that can adjust its size, allowing children in impoverished nations to grow up without having to go barefoot. The shoes, which come in catch-all Small and Large sizes, can grow 5 sizes and last at least 5 years.

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We are Nature – This is Our Home – Why You need a Different Approach

Originally posted on Innerwealth by Chris Walker Blog:

Since the industrial revolution, the development of a lifestyle lived predominantly indoors has resulted in less contact with the natural world. In the USA this equates to less than five minutes of free-time spent outdoors. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 2006) found comparable results for Australia with less than 19 minutes spent outdoors each day. Most free time is spent indoors with the major recreational activity being audio-visual media (ABS, 2006).

Explanations for this startling trend include the fact that as humanity has become more educated, work has become more indoor-oriented and living more sub-urban. As a result humanity has become more human centric, also termed anthropocentric, in focus. Hidden within these statistics is the fact that many people report that they spend little to no time out-of-doors and that women spend less time outside than men.

Research focusing on young people has indicated that young people are…

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Cuz It’s A Monday Video: ‘Working Class Hero’ By John Lennon

Originally posted on 104.3 K-Hits Chicago:

After John Lennon left The Beatles, his first album came out in 1970 and was titled “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.”

‘Working Class Hero” was a track on that album.

According to John Lennon, he says the song is about someone moving up from the working class into a middle class lifestyle.

There aren’t many instruments on the song either. It’s just John and an acoustic guitar.

If you think that you’ve heard this song by other artists than just Lennon, you’re right! Both Green Day and Ozzy Osbourne have done covers of the song.

Here’s hoping that you’re work week moves along quickly!

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Zum verzweifeln?

Matze Rossi Ich zweifel also bin ich 


Yasmo – Kein Platz Für Zweifel



Die Werte von Zweifel: UNSERE WERTE

zweifelDie Natur ist perfekt. Sie dient als unser Qualitäts-Barometer.

Dies verpflichtet: Die erstklassige Qualität unserer vielfältigen Produktepalette geniesst höchste Priorität. Die Zutaten beziehen wir, wenn immer möglich, in der Schweiz.

Auch der bewusste Umgang mit Ressourcen wird grossgeschrieben. So halten wir uns zum Beispiel im Bereich der Verpackungen strikt an einen minimalsten Materialeinsatz. Der Pioniergeist von früher treibt uns heute noch an: Das erklärte Ziel des Familienunternehmens ist seit jeher, die besten Chips und Snacks herzustellen. Unsere Garantie? Der Frische-Service steht für eine sorgfältige Überprüfung unserer Produkte. Sie sollen stets knusprig und frisch zum Konsum bereit stehen, überall und jederzeit.

In jeder Packung Zweifel-Chips stecken Genuss und Freude – dafür tun wir alles.


[Doku] Die Lügen der Nahrungsmittelindustrie

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Heart To Heart

James Blunt – Heart To Heart [Official Lyric Video]

“Heart To Heart”

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