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Nadja Stoller – Earthbound

presse_quer_1440x1440_72dpi_sw_rgb1998The new Album “Earthbound” from Nadja Stoller is a journey through the night. It takes you over open fields and through dense undergrowth to an inescapable and inevitable place of introspection.

That which is grounded takes off into dizzying heights, what is light weighs heavily, whilst delicacy is paired with a distorted roughness. It is grand and beautiful, disconcerting and painful, leaving you with the feeling that things will never be the same again.

Interview with Nadja Stoller about her new album #Earthbound

21.5.15, Zürich
13.6.15, Sempach
…for more information visit 

Little Dead Bird – Nadja Stoller

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THIS is computer #music: Ge Wang at TEDxStanford

Ge Wang is an assistant professor at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).
His research focuses on programming languages and interactive software design for computer music, mobile and social music, laptop orchestras and education at the intersection of computer science and music. Wang is the author of the ChucK audio programming language, as well as the founding director of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) and the Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO). He is also the co-founder of Smule (which makes social music making apps and has over 100 million users) and the designer of the iPhone’s Ocarina and Magic Piano.

Smule | Introducing Rap Battles for AutoRap!

Love Runs Out – One Republic (cover)

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Björk – All is Full of #Love

Björk playlist

Björk is such an inspiration, not just for aspiring musicians but for people in general…

Björk – Live at Canal+

Inside Björk, the documentary

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George Ezra

George Ezra – Official Videos (Playlist)


More MusicPlaylists…?


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Kid Warrior! Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

The planet doesn’t need saving.         –          We do.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is not your average 14 year old. Dubbed the ‘Anti-Beiber’, he is mobilizing his army of teens in 25 countries to demand greener policy from our world’s leaders. Check them out here:

Help us share his message by sharing this video! We want to give this kid some love and help boost his movement! Film family, LET’S DO THIS! #GenerationRYSE

“What the Frack” music video by the Earth Guardians

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Zum verzweifeln?

Matze Rossi Ich zweifel also bin ich 


Yasmo – Kein Platz Für Zweifel



Die Werte von Zweifel: UNSERE WERTE

zweifelDie Natur ist perfekt. Sie dient als unser Qualitäts-Barometer.

Dies verpflichtet: Die erstklassige Qualität unserer vielfältigen Produktepalette geniesst höchste Priorität. Die Zutaten beziehen wir, wenn immer möglich, in der Schweiz.

Auch der bewusste Umgang mit Ressourcen wird grossgeschrieben. So halten wir uns zum Beispiel im Bereich der Verpackungen strikt an einen minimalsten Materialeinsatz. Der Pioniergeist von früher treibt uns heute noch an: Das erklärte Ziel des Familienunternehmens ist seit jeher, die besten Chips und Snacks herzustellen. Unsere Garantie? Der Frische-Service steht für eine sorgfältige Überprüfung unserer Produkte. Sie sollen stets knusprig und frisch zum Konsum bereit stehen, überall und jederzeit.

In jeder Packung Zweifel-Chips stecken Genuss und Freude – dafür tun wir alles.


[Doku] Die Lügen der Nahrungsmittelindustrie

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