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Children of the Word­ !

Peter Ustinov Stiftung startet globale  Children of the Word­ Kampagne / 15-jähriges Operntalent Sophie Schwerthöffer  singt gleichnamigen Song für mehr Bildung in der Welt.

Die Ustinov Stiftung warnt: 100.000.000 Kinder weltweit haben keinen Zugang zu Bildung. Ab sofort ist neuer Song Children of the World  online bei iTunes, Amazon und Goog/e  Play abrufbar. Jeder Download kommt vielfältigen Bildungsinitiativen zugute.

CHILDREN OF THE WORLD – Jetzt herunterladen

Get it on Amazon Get it on Google Play Get it on iTunes

Frankfurt, 25.03.2015 –  Mit der internationalen Kampagne Children of the World und dem gleichnamigen Song von Operntalent Sophie Schwerthöffer macht die Ustinov Stiftung auf einen gravierenden globalen Missstand aufmerksam: fehlender Zugang zu Bildung. Wer den Song  herunterlädt, unterstützt die “#GiveSchoollnitiative” der Ustinov Stiftung und trägt zum Ausbau von vielfältigen Bildungsaktivitäten bei.

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Me laat d’Lüt zeersch la usstiige!

Mundart-Song am PixMix vom 18.03.2015

PixMix ist eine offene Plattform für alle, die ihre eigenen Erfahrungen, Gedanken, Ideen und Projekte öffentlich vorstellen möchten.

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“I created this video simply because I love nature.”

Thomas Blanchard always found the flower’s timelapses fabulous, but most of the time they are made with a black background. Then I told myself to make a beautiful flower’s timelapse with coloured and vintage backgrounds. To me, the 60’s / 70’s is the most representative period for the flowers. This is a way to pay tribute to them.

Here is the list of flowers that have been part of the video.

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What do trees know that we don’t?

13-year-old inventor Aidan realized that trees use a mathematical formula to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Then he wondered why we don’t collect solar energy in the same way.

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, martial arts help children get away from fighting

Originally posted on Stories of UNICEF Innovation:

By Mehdi Meddeb

The recruitment and use of children in armed forces is a violation of international law, and children who are recruited and forced to fight and kill suffer profound physical and psychological damage. Children not Soldiers, launched in 2014 by Leila Zerrougui, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, and UNICEF, is a campaign to make all government armed forces child-free by 2016.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts form, has had a positive impact in helping children demobilized from armed forces to make the transition away from military life and reintegrate with their families and communities. 

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo, 11 February 2015 – “Aie! Aie! Isso!” Ninja gives the rally cry, and dozens of children rush forward at the instructor’s call. All of them already have their abadá, the white trousers of capoeira players. The…

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Smile Again






One message for the world…it is free and can make our day:)




I smile today…
I smiled yesterday…
I smile in pains.
I smile again….

Life is lovely if u have the eyes for it…
If u choose to whine…you would end up sad…
If you choose to cry…you would end up broken…

See the good and love the life…
There is no better way to enjoy the strife…

I am not perfect…
I am not even close…
And still I smile…
Because I am happy with the way things are…

Regrets and pain takes us nowhere…
The journey to happiness starts from a smile…
A smile can conquer the deepest troubles…
A smile can win the toughest hearts…

Smile when you can…
Smile when you should…
It will do you a world of good..!

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Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – “Jolene”

The “Backyard Sessions” took place earlier this summer when Miley brought her band together to perform some of her favorite songs. The last in the series is “Jolene“.

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