Open Air Trontano Festival

4 days 11 areas 4 stages 60 bands & live sets wellbeing area 30 ConferenCes Art Camping Local/Ethnic/Vegan Cuisine / Shuttle bus

The event

Open Air Trontano Festival was founded by a local group of friends in 2009 in their early twenties. They are entrusted with the youth area within the traditional festival of Alpine Trontano, once a year, lasting three days. In 2010, the reality of the festival reaches the size and quality such as to decide the organizers then give way to a larger project and create an association of social promotion, non-profit: The Clan of the Shaman.

In 2011, therefore, we have the first edition of the Open Air Trontano Festival, organized by an association that already has 11 items on the board and many volunteers from the village of Trontano and surroundings.

2013 is the year of transition: the organizers realize that it is no longer a dream or a project limited to the three-day event, but a real lifestyle choice. The Festival and other events of the Association every day become an important part of a shared project. In addition, in 2013 the number of spectators has increased the Festival that makes it a meeting place for thousands of people, trovatesi them to dance, sing, bring another from everyday reality, in touch with nature and the dimensions of spirituality thinner human. Artists and audiences from all over Italy and Europe, musical atmosphere cross from ethnic psychedelic, from reggae to rock and roll, folk, gypsy, dub; extra-musical and a public that is well above the 5000 attendance over the three days.

2014 was therefore a year of becoming aware of this, personal growth and the group, and of preparation for the year 2015. In the latter two events were organized, Shambala Days (21-22 June 2014 ) and Croc Camp Day (23 August 2014), to accompany the audience and accompany members of the street festival that will be 6 to 9 August 2015. The festival in 2015 will be an explosion art from around the world, holistic activities from yoga massages and planetary gong, conferences on consciousness food, organic farming, spirituality and freedom of expression in an atmosphere of mutual recognition and regeneration. This year the theme of the festival will revolve just around the words Regeneration / Recognition.


To date, the OAT aims, through its organizational philosophy, respect for diversity and the environment, looking for the collaboration and help of everyone, both organizers and spectators, in a confrontation that participated and shared can create a course fertile and evolutionary. To do this you want enhance the strong power of aggregation art, intended as “soul craft”and then to 360 ° in the exploration of our passions, faculties and uniqueness


  • Create an alternative place to everyday reality but much more aware and informed, listening and in touch with the natural world around us as well as the more subtle dimensions of human spirituality.
  • Contributing to the growth of the entire territory of Trontano and surroundings.
  • Be creative artistic hub
  • Search and support a respectful and aware approach towards Ecosystem environment through the creation and use of structures and systems with reduced environmental impact.
  • Becoming productive project to other activities of The Clan of the Shaman.
  • Growing together as a group and organizational example and become a model for other existing or future reality.


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